Full Color Landscape Lighting

Flexibility and Control that’s Easy to Use!

Our landscape lighting is one of the most versatile outdoor lighting systems on the market today providing complete control of brightness and color from your smartphone.

In this incredible process, every light in your design can be individually or group zoned to bring the magic of color to your already beautiful property. Through the user-friendly app, your wildest imagination can be created. Color, Brightness, and Scheduling are now in the palm of your hand—no timers or light sensors needed. With a click of a button your celebrating Game Days, Holidays, Birthdays, Anniversary’s, or just living your everyday full of color. Let your personality be your lighting limitations.

Go from green in March, to red-white-and-blue in July, and finish the year with green and red in December. Calendar-based scheduling will make your landscape lighting the envy of the neighborhood all year long. You’ll spend less time preparing for entertaining and more time creating memories with your family and friends.

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